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Space Shuttle Discovery

The most traveled Space Shuttle made way to its final resting place at the Smithsonian’s Udvar-Hazy Center in Dulles, Va. by way of a series of low-level passes of Washington, D.C. and nearby landmarks. The entire experience is one I’ll never forget, and I hope that through these images – you won’t forget it either. Click the image below to see a gallery of all the images from this day. Thank you!

Just for the Fun of It

In the past few years I had be drawn away from them by more fruitful ventures, but I’ve always held in the back of my mind that I would never give up shooting railroads. Recently, I’ve fallen on a bit of a bad streak – no paying work, more specifically. I just want anyone who reads this to that I’m not going to give in. Making images will always be a part of me.

My photographic background actually lies with railroads. I honed my eye and my brain on trying to make these industrial behemoths seem approachable – even artistic.  Not only can railroads make for some interesting imagery, some of the folks you’ll meet can be quite the characters. Here’s my latest image. It’s a Composite of a normally exposed photo of the train, and an earlier 7-image HDR of the station platform. I know it’s not the strictest of Journalistic standards, but then again…it isn’t meant to be. Sometimes it’s fun to make something pretty out of what is otherwise a fairly sterile image.


2012 Sebring 12hrs Friday Sessions

Here is a collection of images I made during the Friday preceding the 60th Mobil 1 12 Hours of Sebring race.

2011 Petit Le Mans

This past weekend, I enjoyed my first motor race – the 2011 Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta, in Braselton, Georgia.

Everything about this event was just awesome, from the sounds to the sights to the smells. It was just a blast, and I hope you enjoy the images! [Click the Porsche below to take you to the gallery!]

The Final Straw

The Stevenson Men’s Lacrosse team met their ultimate foe in the form of Roanoke, losing only in the final seconds of the game. It was a hard-fought battle, gentlemen. I commend you on a stellar effort and I wish you the best in whatever is next in your life. [Please click on the image for a full gallery of images from the entire season]

Athletics Banquet 2011

Down, but not out!

Weekend Update!

I’ve updated the galleries for Men’s Lacrosse, Tennis, and Volleyball, as well as Women’s Tennis and Softball. [Please click an image for a gallery of that sport]

Men’s Lacrosse

Men’s Volleyball

Men’s Tennis

Women’s Tennis

Women’s Softball

On the Rebound

After the Men’s Lacrosse team met a hard foe in Tufts, they maintained their previous form against Scranton with a convincing win. [Click image for direct link to gallery]

Kicking the Bee-hive

When Lynchburg decided to lap the entire field during their warm-up, instead of just their end, we knew we were in for an emotional game…and so it turned out. [Click image below for full gallery]